When you feel like injuries or illnesses are forcing you into a fight you don’t need — putting you up against big companies or the government — attorney Mac Schneider will step in to fight for you.

Friendly to you and forceful about your case, Mac’s passion as an attorney is helping good-hearted, hard-working people get results and get back to their lives.


With experience in diverse cases ranging from SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY to complex class-action litigation, Mac takes pride in bringing an aggressive litigator’s approach to legal work and a “North Dakota nice” approach to working with clients.

Mac has extensive experience helping people win Social Security Disability benefits when health problems make it impossible for them to work.

He has helped hundreds of clients win disability claims at hearings before administrative law judges and successfully litigated numerous cases against the Social Security Administration in federal district court in North Dakota and Minnesota.

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He’s one of few attorneys in the region with experience successfully representing workers when they’re hurt on the job and need help with their MINNESOTA WORKERS’ COMPENSATION claims, having won workers’ cases at the trial level and before the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals.

An experienced PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY, Mac has trial experience in North Dakota and Minnesota district courts. He has successfully represented individuals who have been seriously injured in farm accidents as well as car and truck collisions.

Mac has also litigated cases against Fortune 500 insurance companies on behalf of hardworking North Dakotans and Minnesotans wrongly denied long-term disability benefits.

While devoting attention to each individual case, Mac takes pride in his ability to advance complex legal claims on behalf of clients across the country and around the world.

Mac has served as local counsel in a class-action litigation brought by an international group of investors. He has also represented clients in multi-district litigation actions against the manufacturers of defective products and drugs