On a Mission for You

Serious medical problems and job losses leave you worried for your future. This could be one of the most difficult times in your life, and you need someone dedicated to getting you through.

Attorney Kylie Oversen has made it her mission to advocate for you when you’re most vulnerable.

She’s an associate attorney working out of the Fargo office of the Schneider Law Firm.

Kylie has successfully represented clients in Social Security Disability, employment, housing, child welfare, civil rights, and numerous other civil claims. She’s assisted her colleagues in product liability claims, class action litigation, and more.

A Record of Service to Our Neighbors

Kylie also contracts with the North Dakota Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents to represent children, teens, and parents in juvenile court matters. She previously served as a Guardian ad Litem, representing the interests of children in juvenile court. She cares deeply about the welfare and wellbeing of families in our community.

With a degree in social work and experience working in various community organizations, Kylie brings fervent advocacy, compassion and empathy to her practice.

Alongside her work as an attorney, Kylie formerly represented District 42 in the North Dakota House of Representatives and served as Chair of the State Democratic-NPL party in North Dakota.

As a legislator, she advocated for issues related to economic security, access to mental health services, higher education affordability and protections for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking

When she’s not working, Kylie is spending time with her husband Brian, daughter Adelyn, and cats Lewis and Clark. She also serves as a Girl Scout Troop Leader and board member for several non-profit organizations in North Dakota.

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