Appealing A Workers’ Comp Denial In Minnesota

It should be simple: You got hurt on the job, and now you can’t work. You deserve compensation, right?

Your employer and their insurance company thought differently. Your workers’ compensation benefits claim was denied. Now, you feel lost.

How can I pay my bills when I can’t work? And that’s just your normal expenses. It’s even worse if you have medical bills on top of that.

Know this: A denial is not the end.

Under Minnesota law, you have the right to an appeal by filing a claim petition to contest the denial. The compensation you need—for medical bills, lost wages and more—are still within reach.

Unfortunately, the process can be complex and often confusing. It’s why you need an experienced, competent Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney on your side.

At the Schneider Law Firm, we’re proud to fight for our neighbors who’ve been denied the benefits they’re owed.

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