What’s the Difference Between Workers’ Comp and Disability?

You were injured at work, and your injuries forced you to take time off. You’re worried because you’ve got medical expenses—and you still need an income to survive.

You might know that you can get workers’ compensation benefits for an injury or illness that you got on your job. But there’s another form of financial support that could be available: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefit.

  • WORKERS’ COMP pays you for lost wages and covers medical care you need as a result of your workplace injury or illness.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY provides monthly checks and Medicare eligibility if your health problem—from a job accident or any other cause—will leave you unable to work for at least a year.

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The attorneys at the Schneider Law Firm can help you determine if you have claims for both workers’ compensation and SSDI in Northwest Minnesota.

You’re going through a hard time. You deserve any and all help you can find. Combining benefits could be the best way to maintain a measure of financial independence. For us, it’s about results for you.

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