Know Your Rights After a Workplace Injury in MN

For employees hurt on the job in Minnesota, workers’ compensation benefits are often their “exclusive remedy.” Minnesota employers generally cannot be sued by their employees for unintentional workplace injuries, even in situations where the employer would otherwise be at fault.

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On the other hand, a third party who causes an employee to sustain a work-related injury can be sued for negligence.

For instance, a taxicab driver who is severely injured after being struck by a motorist who ran a red light will likely have a viable workers’ compensation claim and personal injury case.

Minnesota law has detailed provisions coordinating the recovery of workers’ compensation benefits and funds obtained from settlement or judgment of a personal injury action, so don’t rely on this post for legal advice. Contact the Schneider Law Firm or another experienced workers’ compensation attorney if you have questions about workers’ compensation benefits or personal injury claims in Minnesota.

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