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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic illness that can have dramatic effects on your day-to-day activities—including your ability to work.

Unemployment for people with MS ranges from 22 to 80 percent, according to one study in the International Journal of MS Care. Without a job, the cost of treatment can become overwhelming, not to mention everyday expenses. You can feel hopeless.

But hope isn’t lost.

Monthly checks and the Medicare health coverage you get with Social Security Disability benefits can help you handle the financial burden of your condition and restore your sense of normalcy.

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How Multiple Sclerosis Affects Your Job

You may have difficulty walking, maintaining your balance, or using your arms and fingers. You may lose the stamina you need to stay active for long periods. These changes can make it physically impossible to function in a full-time job.

Or you may have cognitive impairments that affect your ability to work. You find yourself unable to think through problems or multi-task like you once did. Depression and mood swings further disrupt your ability to stay on the job.

You’re not alone. Nearly 1 million people have been diagnosed with MS in the United States, and many of them struggle to work.

Still, it can be difficult to prove to Social Security that you need disability benefits for multiple sclerosis. Social Security has strict, highly specific rules.

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How to Qualify for Disability for Multiple Sclerosis

To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits with multiple sclerosis, you must prove at least one of the following:

  1. Significant impairment in two extremities, disrupting your movement, fine motor skills, ability to walk or stand
  2. Severe visual impairment—with a limited field of vision or vision in both eyes testing at 20/200 or worse—that can’t be meaningfully improved with corrective measures
  3. Mental impairments such as persistent loss of cognitive abilities, inability to concentrate and mood instability, including psychological and physical causes

How to Apply for Disability for Multiple Sclerosis

You’ll need to gather strong medical evidence to apply for Social Security Disability for MS, including:

  • Medical imaging, particularly an MRI, showing damage or inflammation in the brain or spinal cord
  • Spinal tap results
  • Blood tests to rule out other disorders
  • Visual and IQ tests
  • Thorough reports from every doctor you see
  • Hospitalization and surgery records
  • A list of treatments and how they affect you

Every case of MS is different. Sometimes, it’s hard to see from the outside.

You might have some days when you feel good, or you don’t have any visible symptoms. Some people might question your commitment to your job and eligibility for benefits.

But you know how you feel. Get an experienced disability lawyer who understands what you’re going through and knows how to build your case for benefits.

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